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Death Speaks

Many find my stutter irritating/ that's why I don't talk much/ to almost any but my brothers/ I did speak first of us, a very long time ago, although I don't remember exactly what I said/ well, it would have been a long time ago to you/ so / what can I tell you?/ Petey thinks that if I can't come up with anything I should just free-associate/ I had to go look that up/ given how we're all doing 'opening statements,' are we maybe implying that we feel we’re on trial for something?/ well, later for that/ don't want Certain People to get ideas/ I guess what you need to understand more than anything else is something Willie said already/ time IS a fog/ time does change direction/ hairpin turns and 360s/ no 180s, though/ not for you, anyhow/ like a vapor, it can go in and out of Klein bottles/ do arabesques you wouldn't even see on a mosque wall/ in fact here's a scrap of a poem I wrote to illustrate/ sort of/ I left it on a victim's skin/ good luck finding the whole thing/ it's out there:


you really should have stopped the first ape/ who brained another ape with an antelope femur/ yeah, you were there/ you still are


put another way/ if you ever used the term 'time and again', you basically repeated yourself/ because all times are one time/

"you have been told all your life that the basic motivic form within this island creation is good versus evil/ but good and evil are not opposites/"

though what we count on/ what we have always counted on/ is a moving target/ you, in other words/ it keeps us engaged after 2000-odd years/ which is not easy/ you try being awake that long/ I asked Petey why we were doing this 'web site'/ he said ' we're leveling the playing field/ and then again not.'/ Okay I think I get that/ after all, we don't want to make it too easy for you/ and no, he doesn't always explain himself to us, either/ so here is the only other thing I can tell you that will do both/ I think/ the X-iverse is a very subtle place/ in some ways/ explanation of that forthcoming/ the demarcations do not necessarily exist where you think they do/ as an example, you have been told all your life that the basic motivic form within this island creation is good versus evil/ but good and evil are not opposites/ logically speaking, good's opposite is 'not good'/ evil's opposite is 'not evil'/ now, do you see the gray areas ballooning all around your long-held suppositions?/ gray areas the size of continents/ Antarctic ice sheets/ and how can you not have known this?/ considering how all your life you've been walking around knee-deep in your own guts/ never even thinking to hose yourself off/ I pretty much stole a lot of these words from Petey because he has thought about this stuff a lot more than I have/ he claims language is a disease too/ I forget where he got that from/ anyway I agree/ for the most part/ the basic conflict in this creation is order against chaos/ that's all/ good and evil are really just competing order-based systems/ they're the two you know best/ there are others/ countless others/ you do know them/ you just don't recognize them for what they are/

Consider the Garden of Eden, now/ you notice I didn't say the Garden of Eden myth / my apologies to any offended humanists/ deal with it/ well, G-d created Eden and saw it was 'good' / then came that 'fruit from the Tree of Life' incident/ which since G-d did not OK it was considered 'evil'/ but when Adam and Eve were tossed/ and G-d's attention turned elsewhere/ what do you suppose was happening inside the Garden?/ think of the left-hand panel in Hieronymus Bosch's Earthly Delights triptych/ now take away the three central figures/ I think the first chaotic act occurred there/ three animals met in that clearing some time after the eviction/ when G-d wasn't looking/ yes, it happens/ one animal ate another, and the third did nothing to stop it/ that was the central deed which gave birth to the modern X-iverse / not the 'apple' incident/ not the Creation itself/ because this meeting of the three brought into being not only the concept of eater and eaten/ doer and done to/ it also introduced into this island creation the first 'non-act' of indifference/ neither one nor the other/ and which remains as much the source of the human miasma as any other/ because it is one form of chaos/ Petey mentioned it earlier in a back-door kind of way/ it is 'passive chaos' or 'passive entropy' just as the 'tohuvohu' or the 'ylem' which arose out of the Big Bang and from which G-d created the heavens and the earth is 'active entropy'/ and we Four Horsemen are 'reactive entropy'/ simpler than it sounds/ more complicated too/ and how do you know that Mijnheer Bosch would disagree with me if he heard this argument?/ note how in the Paradise panel's foreground, before the figures of Adam, Eve and (I assume) JC, to lower left we see a cat making off with a mouse while a bird has turned its back on them/ to lower right, a Boschian 'gryllo' (composite beast) devours a frog as a Scripture-reading fish in a friar's habit reads on, unconcerned / as Petey might add, where's a good Samaritan gryllo when you need one?/ if such things exist/

Indifference is the pre-sin, you understand/ it opens the field to every possible direction of wrongdoing, including what is defined as 'good' or 'evil'/ it's entropy on the human level/ you see, 'good' is something you usually have to want to do/ an 'evil' outcome can result from indifference or an indifferent act/ but in itself it is not evil because it was not done with evil intent/ it was allowed to happen / and in this way can occur many other actions far more senseless and far more debilitating/ all this is the dynamic of the field of potential you exist in/ which, again, we call the 'X-iverse'/ oh, yeah, Petey wants me to define my terms/ I mean, his terms/ the 'X-iverse' is a model of this 'island creation' (which you currently occupy) as it actually exists / yeah, an impossible model to construct/ but how many models of creation as depicted by, say, chaos theory (which is correct, by the way) or M-theory (which is close enough for jazz, as Frankie or Famine would say) would define it have ever actually been built?/ I didn't think so/ Petey likes these gummy intellectual bits, I really don’t have time for them/ do I?/ when men do not die, things start getting crowded/

given the above, and seen from our vantage, 'good' and 'evil' become just two slots on an infinite slope/ no more influential in an absolute sense than any other two/ can you retrain your head to think this way?/ I don't know that it will get you out of Time/ or away from your chosen endgame/ assuming some other engine of consequence hasn't already chosen one for you/ which it has, incidentally/ or assuming you haven't already chosen a different one for yourself/ which is doable but miserably difficult/ for you/ but you never know/ keep at this/ you may see something helpful/ or not/

Oh, yeah/ before I forget/ I have to check and see if it's your turn/ I think you know what I'm referring to/ don't go anywhere/ while you wait, here's the last few lines of the above poem...


Later?/ Nope/ too later


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