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The last days have always been here

It's Dave again/ guess it wasn't your time yet/ whoopee/ so I'm sure the thought has occurred to you/ while you've been reading all this/ how it looks like we showed up maybe (you hope) 3000 years early/ I mean the Apocalypse hasn't started yet, right?/ sorry to be the bearer of more bad news/ but Petey wasn't lying before/ (why would he? What would be the point?)/ we arrived when we were initially supposed to/ I'd say that we're about between the fifth and sixth seals now/ in your reality, anyway/ and considering how these 'fossil fuels' are disturbing most of the Earths' air and water/ it wonít be long before the sixth is opened/ that one's a corker/ so to speak.

to explain.../ you remember Willie, or War, and I mentioning that you see Time in a particular way/ other than how it actually is/ it stops and starts to your view, doesn't it/ a day flies when you are not paying attention/and it drags to a halt when you are waiting for the coffee to boil/ this is not your imagination/ you assisted in the creation of your recent surroundings, you know/ you are assisting right at this moment/ what do you mean 'assisting who?'/ I thought I already covered this/ I;m not going to debate things that are obvious/ besides, you have a limited attention span/ hopefully longer than mine, but still/ as well as a limited width of attention/ and things are moving behind visible history and beneath circumstance that were designed to continue along unseen/unheard/ donít forget Luke 12:40 in which Rabbi Joshua bar-Joseph says, "You must be ready, for the Son of Man will come at an hour when you least expect him"/ see, we've read The Good Book/ well, Petey has/ we'd have been idiots not to/ hint, hint/

At any rate/ as Time moves, somewhat according to your whim (to a very minor extent)/ sorry, you can't make it go back the way it came/ it also moves to Someone Else's far more strongly/ for now/ by the by, why do we say 'G-d' and not the Name itself here?/ well, there was the point where we stole the Name/ but let Petey tell you that one/

"there are as many streams Ė or clouds Ė of time as there are perceptions and rates of time/ oh, sorry, Time, I mean/ there is a difference/"

Actually we try to be subtle about these things/ we donít want to focus too much of the Divine Attention on what we're up to/ 'speak of the Devil and he shall appear' has a comparative adage / funny how nobody uses it/ but anyway/ the time moves to His specifications as well/ naturally/ and there are as many streams Ė or clouds - of time as there are perception-based rates of time/ oh, sorry, Time, I mean/ there is a difference/

Well, some 20-25 years before we made our debut/ some Israelites decided that the time had come/ no, not the Time/ the ancient Roman historian Suetonius says in his De Vita Caesarum that late in the reign of Nero great unrest began to appear in Judaea and in Caesarea/ among certain Israelite leaders it was decided that 'mastery over the world' was theirs for taking/ frankly they couldn't have picked a worse Emperor to bite their thumbnails at/ Nero, off on a concert tour of the provinces (I am not kidding), sent the Roman army's Legii V Emmaus and X Jericho to retake Jerusalem, raze the Temple and massacre everybody they could get their hands on / most probably in those exact words/ this might sound harsh, but this was Nero we are talking about/ I mean, he burned down a quarter of Rome so he could have something to blame the Christians for/ the Romans were barbarians too, you know/ they just dressed better/ q.e.d./ try not to forget that/

So it is our thought that Revelations is G-d's answer to the burning of Jerusalem and the murder by the Romans of all the Kohain high priests who knew how to pronounce G-d's name/ who knew the vowels needed to round out 'Y-H-W-H'/ I think it may be true that (to put it differently) the uprising of 66 C.E. was End Times 1.0/ possibly the Creator Himself gave the order to rise up directly to the Pharisees/ this still was the time of miracles/ or close enough/ so with Revelations (End Times version 2.0) G-d went underground along with the 'Galileans' (one polite example of what they called Christians back then)/ after all, what if Jerusalem had not burned in 70 C.E.?/ perhaps Moshiach might have made an appearance/ and then, the Millennium a few aeons early!/ (by our reckoning)/ but that wasn't to be/

Revelations as exhibited in the Bible, as a result, is a Mandelbrot set of sorts splayed across all times with which it intersects/ a time machine without gears or levers/ and the Book of Revelations is not a prediction of the Last Days / it is a retelling of the actual event as it 'will have been happening'/ not exactly the grammatical tense required but since we have to do this in English.../St. John only uses the future tense in the Book because he was told to/ however, the actual historical event that is the Apocalypse has been released into the world(s) about you at a pace slower than glaciers/ to avoid the notice of those who might try to stop it / (Petey's italics, not mine)/ that's one reason why your design flaws in perception exist, you see/ G-d thinks of everything/ well, almost/ and yes, I wrote 'stop it' above/ in fact, 'stop it again'/ and if you're surprised, how realistic are you?/ if you all knew the Last Day was tomorrow, do you actually think that no one, not one of you would try to take steps?/ and how sure are you that I'm wrong?/ how sure are you that all believe it can't be stopped?/ certainly the Romans had a vested interest in cutting off the final victory of a G-d they didn't even diplomatically recognize/ much less worship/ do you really think that the Romans didn't have a spy network in Jerusalem which was second to none?/ do you really think they didn't know why the uprising occurred?/ I mean, there it is in Suetonius!/ Nero was a voluptuary and a maniac, but he wasn't stupid/ and he was as paranoid as they come/ well, itís 2000 years later and just how many would really want Armageddon to occur now?/ if they knew it was going to?/ I submit that they're still in the serious minority/ so the human drag on history may well be 'slowing it down' even further/ and the higher the human population goes, the more glacial the Last Day's progress through the worlds, I would think/ along with the flow of time in general/ a two-edged sword, isn't it/ I mean to say, the less evidence there is of the already-underway End Times, the fewer will actually believe/ but never fear, G-d has all the time there is/, sorry, the Time/ He is nothing if not patient/ as are we/ and again, nothing you can do will push it farther away/ donít bother trying/ and yes, the contradiction you may just have noted is intended/ it is not a mistake/ deal with it/ in fact, blame yourselves for introducing it intothe X-iverse!/ which once was a universe until you started mucking with it/ since as the population of mankind (sorry, humankind) has increased, so has their sway upon creation/ by now, their and your disagreements are reflected in the stars/ try looking up

So since the End Times are here, you may wonder where the Antichrist is?/ you recall, that's the trip lever/ and the process' weakest point as well/ he comes to absolute power, right?/ he declares himself to be divine/ and he decimates the faithful/ all those we haven't taken out already, I guess/ oh yeah, also those who have not been vacuumed/ now, tell me how many times in history something like that has happened?/ that some idiot declared himself divine and decided to back it up?/ and cut heads off right and left to prove it?/ I submit to you that there have been countless Antichrists/ and some have been called that very name/ but some came too early/ or too late / really/ or not enough persons believed it to make it true of any one of them/ (remember that phrase)/ or, somebody did away with them before they gave that final order/ if not before the order was fully carried out/ cast your thoughts back, you'll think of some names in short order/ I won't insult your intelligence/ I told you there were hands shifting the screens upon which human history is painted/ one Antichrist is too easy to dispatch/ so there are always pretenders willing to learn/ just as one general after another sought the Roman throne/ not so long ago/ and they all were cut down/ all of them/ funny how humanity makes the same mistakes over and over/ isn't it?/ well we think it is/ like I said, though, this is the process' weakness/ it depends upon a human agent/ and you can't depend on them/ really/ all they are is ill-formed slush/ that includes you/ but the Lord G-d soldiers on, sending one potential Antichrist after another into the world/ hoping one of them'll stick/ kinda like a fly on a windscreen, but still alive/ what I think is funniest about this situation, which is both its greatest advantage and its greatest disadvantage, is this.../ there are an infinite number of ways to kill a man/ or woman/ this goes for an Antichrist as well/ you just have to land the fatal blow twice/ that's really i t/ but He'll figure it out/ assuming He hasn't already/ maybe the next one will be the one/ you'd best decide now whether or not you want that/

And there have been many more who might have been Antichrists themselves/ had this or that element altered somehow / these are often they who awaken on the odd morning with the sounds of a dream crowd howling in their ears/ they do not remember what was said/ they do not remember anything other than the screams of fealty from as-yet-unborn throats/ or perhaps they looked to the podium/ beyond which was a Colosseum-like curve.

"...the actual and true Antichrist will be the one believed in by the greatest number, and whose luck holds long enough/ that's all..."

Of stone-rimmed sky/ maybe even granite animals rampant and scraping at the air behind them/ saw themselves roaring before a forest of microphones/ the things they said/ unbelievable/ beyond repeating/ and when they wake, they resolve to act on that scrap of vision/ how about a large enough pile of human gall bladders to fill up the Circus Maximus?/ or Wembley Stadium?/ or maybe they just roll over and go back to sleep/ but in the end, the actual and true Antichrist will be the one believed in by the greatest number,and whose luck holds long enough/ that's all/ more than enough of a meathook to hang all creation from/ I suggest you keep your collars loose/

No, the day will come/ never you fear/and we shall be ready too/ because thanks to what we call The Wait/ we know what's coming/ we are no longer empty-headed beasts ripe to be cut from the sky/ possibly as was originally planned!/ so there may well be some changes to the script/ unapproved by neither G-d nor human nor the Foul One/ not that he matters as much as he did/ yes, we'll see you there on the mountain-ringed plains of Megiddo/ we'll see you all/ keep your eyes open/ we may well be coming from an angle you won't expect/ and we'll fight neither on one side nor the other/ we never have done/ though in fact, it may not matter whose banner you take up/ Petey's earlier question notwithstanding/ wouldn't that be hilarious/ you were there at the beginning, you know/ entwined with us and with the demons and angels and saints/ within that shrieking molten ur-space within the primordial black hole/ previous to the initial command/ and both you, they and we shall be there at the end/on the battlefield in the Jezreel Valley/ still entwined with you all/ you unable to let go of us or them/ we unwilling to let go of you/ and you will not be spared/ you will not be exempt/ none of you/ no one/ we were instructed to dispatch a fourth of creation/ well, we did that and upon becoming aware 1500-odd years ago, we found it to our liking/ so we are well on our way to send Home the rest/ all the rest/ yes, once the battle is over you may still be given your Paradise/ but, just wait until you see what you must pass through to get there/ if we have anything to say about it/ we may well have the last laugh/ and we won't even need to be around any longer to have it/ think upon a future dayless day/ possibly long after Armageddon/ in which Hell is grown dimmer from cooling furnaces/ none to stoke them/ and the Golden City echoes from falling dust/ and nothing more/ keep reading/ you'll find out/ --D.

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