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How you came to serve no purpose, and why.

Open your Bible and notice, if you please, how the blank page before Genesis I;1 and the blank page after the Index are identical. Start with that thought, thanks. Now close it again. And kudos to David for remarking upon this first. We look over your shoulders, as you know, and those of your counterparts, and those of your counter-counterparts. Depending what universe you happen to occupy! Or which one we are visiting. So, you may note, we have seen things worth telling of.

And here commences the very last of those: one day we came to understand how it is your power that shall, in the end that is not yet the end, render you powerless; how it is your ability to imagine that shall make you barren; and how it is that your unrelenting, raw sense of want shall rob you of all you ever had or will have. So, why not inform you? Once again, to see you react. Best we know now what we’ll soon enough be up against. Should you learn something from all the above and below... well, it could make the endgame more interesting. But no more than that. The ship has sailed, and its wake ever widens.

Your X-iverse, I submit, as G-d might have wanted it to be, could well have simply been the one reality in which 'the Christ' and his disciples lived (as opposed to the octillions and decatillions which now muck up the heavenly and extra-heavenly Vaults). Perhaps. Or maybe that of some other religious heavyweight from some other culture! It needn't necessarily matter as much as you might wish. But your thinkers and your philosophers would not skew towards simplicity as did, say, Parmenides with his 'all things are one thing,' or Tertullian, or Joshua bar-Joseph himself; no, rather than view the G-d-

"Now that we have this hyperstructure of alternate parallel worlds, to which of them shall the Son of Man return?"

given heavens as was, Iamblichus preferred that firmament of Personalities nailed to the upper air, nigh as numerous as the stars! Then Signor Bruno and Dr. Everett depersonalized them and brought countless more into being in the process! In my baldly cynical moments, I imagine stars going out to make room for all these fragile if leviathan egos and their emptied descendants which must all have their place, mustn't they, rendering your reality darker and colder by the day...

Well, let us not stray too far from my main point: now that we have this hyperstructure of alternate parallel worlds, to which of them will the Son of Man return? Keep that in mind while we soldier on.

One thing (of comparatively few) that fewer still can entirely escape, not even we, is Newton's third law. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And yes, the X-iverse is a closed system. What do you think the 'last scattering surface' is? Newton's Third is one law in an oft-lawless creation that varies the least in its sway from reality to reality. As far as we can tell. Consider once more these newly birthed 'membranes' or 'worlds' cropping up in every angstrom of absolute time and space, if you will, and crowding out all the others. Where is the reaction? Where is entropy's rejoinder to all this? You remember entropy. Passive, reactive, active. Wouldn't more realities connote greater organization over time? Can't have that! Do forgive my accessing of astrophysics, for those of you who might be called 'Liberal arts majors' or Doctors of Divinity (and to the latter: what are you doing here?), but in the late 1990s C.E. one Dr. Saul Perlmutter of UC Bekeley's Lawrence Laboratory, California, USA, studied supernovas for some years and concluded that the universe is accelerating in its expansion. The observable universe, mind you. The one you can see. You may rcollect how we went over bits of this in my monograph on paralelle realities. Now, how can this acceleration have begun? There was, I assure you (because I still hear the echo, depending on where I am at the time), only one Big Bang. I also only note one discreet blanket of cosmic microwave background radiation, so you do the math. Given the assumed relative lack of friction in the intergalactic vacuum (yes, yes, all those virtual particles; never mind them for now), why wouldn't the universe expand at a steady rate? There certainly aren't enough novas out there (or supernovas) to push everything apart faster (dark energy plays a greater role, yes, but hear me out); besides, they'd drive their masses of leftover matter in all directions, not just out towards the'last scattering surface'(again, the outer edge of the universe which you reside in). There was that period of 'increased cosmic inflation,' but it was a while ago. A steady rate of expansion would allow It All, I believe, to one day succumb to the vagaries of gravity once more (given the increasing preponderance, as your particular universe ages, of all those black holes [you know, one star after another going 'collapsar' on us] digesting one another) and thusly return us all in some trillions of years more yet again to one transparent-hot black hole, the descendant of that whence we all originally came. The Big Crunch, I believe it is called. Which, again I often think, is why the page before Genesis I:1 and the page after the Index in any Bible are both 'blank'. As close as one can get in representation on cheap paper to the brilliant interior of a black hole, I would again underline, from which we all, when it were time to give the

"Now what's this 'serial creations' bit all about? G-d trying it again and again until He (and/or you) 'get it right'?"

command once more, would blast out yet anew. You, me, your Auntie Grizelda, her 33 cats, my brothers, lamblichus' bloomers, et al. Serial X-iverses, did I hear someone ask? Why not. Possibly. It has that thematic 'neatness' that the Creator (and certain ancient Greeks) appear(ed) to favor. No, one doesn't know if a multiverse was to have been or will be experected evey time (along the 'imaginary time line' now; not the time described by your watch) - let's say we have seen no evidence of that except for what we've encountered 'here and now' -- but I believe that "'crunch to 'bang' and back again" may have been the original plan. That's why the seeming increase of organization in this island creation connoted by the burgeoning number of realities can't go on. Now what's this 'serial creations' bit all about, anyhow? Is this G-d trying it again and again until He (and/or you) 'get it right'? How many shall their be? Ditto. While what will become of this one See on, see on.

Now at last for entropy's rejoinder, of which fate's own resurgence at the End of Days may be a component. Dare I underline, given the findings of Dr. Perlmutter, how it appears that something may have gone amiss 'this time out'? As the Biblical reference to 'alpha' and 'omega' intimated a connection between the two (what else is there to do once one reaches the end of both the universe and the alphabet, but to start over?), how does this 'accelerated expanding universe' hypothesis fit in? Simple enough. According to the laws of physics, taken at this moment exactly, yes it does. According to the Bible's seeming circular structure, no, it doesn't. Another 'connection,' ripe to slash if not already sundered. Not by us, though. Not this time. This one was all you.

So what is displacing the existing universe in which you reside, as much as something else may be doing similar for the X-iverse? Has the hypothetical chain of serial universes expanding and contracting over aeons uncountable (if that is correct) 'for the moment' been broken because this one became a multiverse? This X-iverse does give birth to countless 'membranes,' you see, but they eventually reside outside the universe you inhabit. True, you no longer notice this occurs, but these subdivisions may yet be what causes the acceleration that Perlmutter observed; possibly the increasing number of membranes, each with its own gravitational field, is drawing out your universe in all directions as they all rush away from yours, making its expansion accelerate in turn! Here's another reason why I don't recommend anyone journey into the Kaf Hakela (or the 'Bailter space' or the 'Landscape'), by the by, and turn back to see the hyperstructure from without. Trust us (this time). Talk about the punishment that befell Lot's wife! Not only would one fry from the alkaline 'atmosphere' of said 'space,' but if you can't move fast enough there's an excellent chance you'll be run over by the metaphoric freight train the hyperstructure has become, what with all the splits and detonations of new membranes, all expanding in all directions within the absolute relativity of said meta-aether! What is bound, what is let loose... et cetera. And yes, I realize that each new universe has its own 'orientation' or 'spin' and as such is not directly observable by any within another before the two or three or however many separate. Their particles still repel yours, apparently, and at ever greater speeds!

So what of heaven and hell? Or Heaven and Hell, if you prefer? No, far more elemental a question might concern you here if you knew what was good for you, and I asked it before: to which reality of the gargantuan number of them will the Son of Man come in glory, upon the Last Day? There was ever only one of him, let's recall. The first split of realities, as I've said, may well have occurred around Iamblichus' and/or Emperor Julian's time, when the former's teachings had had a greater chance to spread. What, therefore, if you do not occupy the reality in which Rabbi Joshua bar-Joseph appeared? It has been subdivided off of countless countless times, but it is indeed still out there. Someplace. Admittedly, all existent realities have one common past, but now they are separate, and shall soon be more so. Doesn't really help much. What then will happen to all the rest of these? (If only somebody had had the forethought to close the Academy in Athens centuries before Justinian did... though it might not have mattered.)

As to why we concluded earlier that there is only one Rabbi Joshua bar-Joseph, only one Mary the mother of, only one etc., it isn't just due to the realities not dividing until He and all His associates had gone. Consider for how long the monotheistic Big Three (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) have trumpeted that there is one G-d and one of everything elemental to accompany Him! "Shma Israel, Adonai eloheinu, Adonai echad." "There is no G-d but Allah, and Mohammed is His prophet." And so forth. Again, I submit to you, this is now so thoroughly believed by such a large part of humankind that it can no longer possibly be false. So the realities may not have been able to divide until then. True, there was no Islam yet in the 4th century C.E., but don't you remember my brothers William and David saying here that time is a cloud? For further evidence of my conclusions here, revisit Godard's Law as well. But to stay practical, it just seems that the human race wouldn't have allowed the subdivisions by unconscious fiat. Was this Himself's escape clause from the 'billions of Christs' cataclysm? One doesn't know, and I'd think, probably never will. You could ask Him when you see Him. You'll certainly encounter Him before I do. Or will you?

Ponder me this, then: the day after Armageddon. When we get there. And when the vastest possible multitude of you who shall remain get past it. G-d created only one of each of you, I would put forth; therefore, only the original version of you, that which was born of woman (or some approximation) has the soul He created. So only that one shall be tried and found by the courts celestial to be fit for salvation or damnation. I envision the period after The Remorseful Day thus: Heaven as one Ark, Hell as another Ark, each setting sail across the Kaf Hakela to each their destination, each laden with original souls damned or saved. They shall leave behind the winnowed remains of the hyperstructure, abandoned, derelict, and sinking/expanding further in all directions into the farthest reaches of said 'space,' with countless alternative parallel souls on board. Who advocated the multiple realities, after all? Certainly not Him. So why would He concern Himself with the remainder? Will you be saved, or set adrift? Not something you'll ever know, is it? Or will you? Will you even know that Judgment Day has come and gone if you aren't in the eigen-reality? Very unfortunate that Mijnheer Bosch is no longer with us to paint that triptych.

So should you not be the original 'you,' should you be one with all these disposed Earths, all these bypassed realities... why, for yourself I envision a continued accelerating outward collapse of the fabric of membranes akin to that seen by Dr. Perlmutter in the observable universe. As within, so without. In other words, you and all your fellows shall occupy one unimaginable 'between,' flying forever asunder at higher and higher speeds, a realm of dissolving and distending realities 'above,' 'below,' etc., their natural barriers possibly even thinning and shattering, no divine Impetus remaining behind (if any is needed) to keep them apart, hideously scrambling meta- and hyperphysical phenomena interweaving through one another... it could make Hell seem a children's waterpark in comparison! All that while every particle in your body will expand, recede and at last break from every other, one by one! You may find yourself flying at an ever-increasing velocity through vast dissolving culverts, other childhoods, other realities, very probably encountering any number of copies of yourself. Would they and you cancel out if you collided with them? Or if not, what else? There's a thought experiment. Atom by atom sucked away from you by intervening Beings and Objects incomprehensible that whir through and past on their own errands away and aloft, you may arrive at the point that one day you look down and see through yourself just as you disintegrate! Or as all about you does the same. Let's hope you go first! I did say you could not save yourself, nor any other...

If the above is so, would it not appear, then, that the 'original sin' which first birthed and then doomed you, your family, your alternate universe, was committed not by Adam and Eve but by some nonentity whose name you'll never be able to blot out because you could never have known it. While he/she probably never even ate the 'apple' (or fig? Tamarind? Plastic orange?); no, they had eggs for breakfast instead of waffles, and one-half of their dining room flew away to begin the membrane in which you exist; or they scratched their left nether cheek as opposed to their right; however it took place, the event shunted you and all of yours off theirs, and into, yes, eventual and unavoidable oblivion.

At very last, recall once again all those blank parallel worlds we pass through, each of which Is Not so that one other which isn't blank Is. Isn't that an indication that there may be as many universes in this creation that do not include you as there are those that do? I'm not even including all those in which for one reason or another, you may never have been born.

‘what is your purpose if all your divinely gifted free will was used for was to foul the nest in which you were born? ...If, indeed, there are as many universes in which you or some variant of you Are Not as there are in which you or some variant Are?’

In the long view, then, what is your purpose if all that human free will was used for was to foul the nest in which you were born? If you will not end in a better place than where you began, given your efforts (whatever they may have been)? If you do not even end where you began? If you are not the original you? If, indeed, there are at the very most as many universes in which you or some variant of you Are Not as there are in which you or some variant Are? You'll excuse me if I posit that '50-50' – at best - is simply not good enough odds to prove your absolute existence, much less your purpose. Had there been just the slightest nick over that... but no such luck. While given how once Judgment occurs and the remainder of you are discarded to slowly explode over absolute Time, there one day shall be no evidence here that you ever existed (wherever 'here' may be); an argument could well be made, then, that you never were to begin with. Only in your own mind. And once it vanishes...? All your ancestral memories, the ancient civilizations and great voyages of discovery upon which your psyche was allegedly based... there shall and will have been no exact proof that any of it ever truly was... and as such it can be said that it, and you, never was and were.

Perhaps from looking all this over, you may at last glimpse the now-evaporating wall between a Structure too vast and incomprehensible to be explained, and its next-door neighbor, chaos. Think what more, what impossibly more, I've left out to keep that wall in place! Oh, right, you don't know what I've left out. Just as well. You only have your senses' evidence, absolutely none of it, as we have shown, admissible. You cannot see the clouds above you merge, pulse and dissipate again. It takes too long. It occurs beyond your attention span, at a pace too slow to remark upon. Equally, you can only sense the unseen 'connections' which yet survive post-Big Bang. The night sky, majestic as it is above you, is a near-to-infinite-sized graveyard. Those stars and gas clouds, let's remind you, and galaxies you 'see' are no longer there, given their distance and the speed of light. No, it took mathematics and its bastard progeny, science, to prove how little you actually perceive... how vast the boundaries of your ignorance.

So once more then: given the above, what purpose did you have? (We miight as well speak of you in the past tense, don't you supppose?) None. You see... those Buddhists were right. Samsara. Illusion. All. None. None whatsoever. And your and your fellow humans' catastrophic sense of ego (the 'I' that outlives all others, if only from its own vantage) is as much the culprit as aught else. See why I said ego too might be a disease, one day?

I won't give houseroom, mark you, to any caterwauls about how you and your wife conceived last night (connceived what, exactly?), how you petted your cat as he walked past your desk (or across it, given what I know of cats...), and therefore you or she or they or it must exist. I have already shown here that you can't depend on your senses. I want evidence that would save you from immolation in the Courts Celestial! Sorry, you have it not to show. And that absence is the lack of a signature scrawled across every mote, every universe, and all in between in a seemingly faithless, or perhaps much too faithful G-d's handwriting! Apropos that you can't read what isn't there anyway.

So then: here we have sought out and presented to you a few of the truly great of humanity (Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus, Bruno, Everett, Perlmutter, as well as those others we've namechecked earlier) who, frankly, were right almost none of the time as opposed to those who were never correct at all. Are you one of the latter group? A near certainty. Take a good look at yourself right this very minute. An intimate and thorough look. How certain are you that all the above has not already happened, that in the original reality well out of your sight the Al-Masih or the Messiah or Moshiach has come and gone, the great ships full to bursting with the damned and the saved already well out of sight across the 'Bailter space'? While that X-iverse about you truly exists only in potsherds and scraps now, your lying senses moving heaven and earth to keep your view of yourself from flying asunder while it itself does similar? Which it now appears is all they were ever good at. How long do you think the illusion will hold? Noted any decay around the edges of late? Odd dilations and extensions of any sort? At all? Perhaps now will be the moment... perhaps now... possibly now... Or possibly not. Not now. But very soon! One advantage of your faulty processing hardware is that you may never know what hit you before it does. Even after reading all this! You don't believe a word of it anyway, do you? Your negative attention span has its plus side; as Julius Caesar put it at dinner with his soldiers, only a little while ago, "The best death is the one that is not expected."

I said that we would tell you the truth, and we've done so. With only one omission! One. The only really important topic left off this entire Web site, when located (and it was implied once or twice), will –if combined with your possible retort to another concept we have blared herein – provide access to the merest window in the most distant corner of the X-iverse. It is (or should be; I admit we haven't checked) slowly closing because of disuse, but on the other side of same is salvation. We've implied your path to it, if not in the most direct terms. We have also said naught of what it will take to get there, of what barren, shrieking manias and unimagined filth, what blistering seas and bitter voids you'll have to wade through so that you may at last arrive. Is it worth it to you? Or shall you think this too only entertainment, turn away yet one last time, and then yourself be devoured? Decide. Now. Don't email us and tell us... we already know what it is. There aren't any prizes for this knowledge. Only eternal life. And that is not certain. You will also need to get past the four of us. How many, do you suppose, have managed that?

Those of you better equipped to make a rejoinder after all the foregoing may wish to say, well, won't the very same outcome befall the Four Horsemen? I don't know. I submit, though, that should we ever note evidence of our own final dispensation, we will know what to do, and somewhat more decisively than you might. Per all the imponderables, broken-field running and leaps of illogic in my closing statement (more than elsewhere, I will admit): sorry, dear reader, there are other answers besides which even I haven't. But I had to show the transparent film-like wall between an X-iverse too complicated to explain and chaos, did I not? As Francis has made clear, I suspect that I haven't those answers because the questions matter not. We'll be seeing you... and soon enough. –P.

P.S. Oh, you know, I never entirely answered the 'why' of this, did I. Neither did Dr. John Wheeler, for all that. So perhaps you should try your hand at it. Don't wait too long. It may be important.

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