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So then. What's your opinion so far? Welcome to your circumstance as it is, free of your halls, floor and ceiling of hyperhedral mirrors in which all you see is yourself. A faint echo of the voice that shouted 'the word' on Patmos sounds on here, squeezed and bent through reality after reality, beckoning you this time to bear witness. As War destroys what is there; as Famine does what is not; as Death takes away, I am the one who alters. Perverts, bends out of true to the point of breaking. And well past same. I am the spreader of disease. I am he who taps your brain, your viscera, your limbs, and lets loose the viruses, the germs, the vectors which carry them. Oh, yes, what's that mark on your hip? Was it there last week? Nice hip, by the way...

Well, it's not quite so much so 'these days.' Cancer the ailment is 'now' (to use your convention of time) often as retrograde as the astrological Crab is, on occasion. Favorite poxes and plagues of my lengthy acquaintance have wilted, dark weeds yielding to bright scientific morn. There had awhile been meta-days that I looked in the pouch I carry and heard only the rustle of the metacloth; but thanks to that which here follows, there is a reply. Partially, once more, thanks to yourself.

"Remember that AIDS is something you visit upon yourselves, and to my endless amazement still fail to see that it is the Black Plague of your time! ...This ability you have to believe your own lies! Seems akin to a psychosis..."

Anon we will tell you of our provenance (you can read of that in 'Our Early History' if you have to do so right now); let me instead bring you closer to what you call 'the recent past.' Yes, William was correct when he opined that time was and is a cloud; but given all, of course, if this is a 'web site' upon which I expound, I needn't address your barefooted, animal-skin-clad ancestors! Who knows how many of them could speak any currently known tongue, after all. No, I don't know Old Indic or Krorainian. One needn't speak a man's or woman's language to dispatch them! At any rate, 'some time ago,' as you mark it, Sigmund Freud, C. G. Jung, Adler, Krafft-Ebing, et al. assigned (or implied the assigning of) any number of long-recognized acts and bad habits and opinions to the categories of 'mental defects.' Some critical heads (James Graham Ballard, for example) damned this as a rationalization which led to what's now called 'the death of affect' (hardly the sort of death which interests us, I admit) but we picked our ears in response. Well, I did; my brothers were hard at it in places afar, taking up my slack. Defects! Diseases! Huzzah! My pouch filled to bursting yet again with infecting agents as abstract as its former occupants were concrete, I sowed anew among you all. All thanks to mere redefinition! Over time, every sin grew its companion ailment, its excuse. She had a lost childhood. His father drank. Road rage. Prejudice as madness! Et ad nauseum. Yours, not mine. Very convenient. Once again, I harvest my fields of victims at the appreciable level I prefer... and some of these are kind enough to dispatch other victims! It's always made my job easier. The above is not the assumption everywhere, I admit, but the attitudes that support it is spreading admirably. I am again he who brings disease, and I too am indebted. Had there not been that interval during the late 18th to the middle 20th centuries when most of my trusty microbes fell to the oncoming assault of medicines and cleanliness, giving me time to sharpen my own wits further and develop the sense needed to lie in wait for some other source to set me on my path again... why, I might have expired, a simulacra before whom no germs still existed to bow! Ellison's Law, you know (see our section here on The Laws Which Govern Earth. To an extent). You may, as was previously implied, consider this web site our attempt to balance the scales. It isn't, but you may so consider it. You humankind have lied to yourselves for so long, what's one more falsehood? And all, all due to your unwillingness to shoulder the blame which is rightfully yours for the sorry state of things. Remember that as well, for we'll come round to it again soon.

Now, a question I am often asked. Which Horseman am I? If you peruse Revelations 6:1-8 you see that it's rather obvious who's who but for myself. The first rider's name is not so defined as are the other three's: he wears a crown and carries a bow, riding forth 'as a conqueror bent upon domination.' I don't recall the bow or the crown; mine certainly was a white horse, I remember him if not too well. Who knows? Perhaps the concept of disease was more compelling to some ancient political cartoonist or illuminator of early medieval manuscripts than that fellow, whatever his identity (the Antichrist? More on him/her presently), and I became as I am because someone now unknown felt I should be so. And none thought to contradict! Again, your opinions are of greater weight than you know. Thanks encore, whoever you may have been, and more on that soon.

Yes, your doctors have done you a great service, if others of them have done me a variant of same. But don't let's wax over-confident. Remember that AIDS is something you visit upon yourselves, and to my endless amazement still fail to see that it is the Black Plague of your time. Families and states are torn asunder all around you, thanks to your own lusts, and nearly all you do is the equivalent of throwing green pebbles into a bowl which grows deeper and wider with time. As I said above, this ability you have to believe your own lies! Seems akin to a psychosis!

Another illness? Hmmm.

No, forget I said anything.

Perhaps I'll conclude with this instead. Consider how your cities still teem with rats. Healthy ones, yes, but something can be done about that. Consider those plagues which are still incurable! Why have you not taken the necessary steps? Because there is one state of mind which leads to near every demise. Some physical or spiritual state. Or both. A hint on what it is: I somehow doubt you would care if I told you. Why not check your temperature instead? You might be coming down with something. And see David's - or Death's - opening statement. See on, see on. You've come so far already.

The journey never completed is the journey never begun! -P.

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